Sicilian Olive oil reminds us of the aroma of life, a bit spicy, a bit bitter

We believe in the Sicilian culture of good food, which is something that must first of all be shared to be appreciated. “favola” is a pinch of our history and the story of our culture at table. An high quality Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, which is born between the mountains and the sea in the province of Syracuse, Sicily.

Come and visit the farm and the olive oil mill. We will be happy to host you.

Our name – Agricola Oliva – is the story of our family: we are producers in the field, but also in the mill.

And OLIVA is the family name.

Sicilian soul

In Sicily we founded our farm and an olive oil mill in 1957. At the beginning we dedicated ourselves to olive oil production, then we extended our market to new produce, mainly seasonal vegetables and citrus fruits. We grow and sell the typical sicilian lemon of the area of Siracusa, that is called “femminello siracusano”.

What we do

We want to highlight the richness of our land: the Sicilian crop varieties that produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil, which is born between the mountains and the sea of Siracusa. ‘favola’ is the storytelling of our Sicilian rural identity.

We host

We strongly believe in the value of sociability. You can come to visit our lemon orchards and you will breathe the colour of our trees. Over the winter and over the summer, all the seasons are good to taste the culture of our land, as well as our delicious food.

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Favola Olive Oil | Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Sicily, Italy

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