Who we are

we like to call ourselves farmers

Since 1957, in the Siracusa area, our family has dedicated its energy to the production of extra virgin olive oil, lemons PGI and vegetables. We grew up with our plants and we are aging with them.
We want to highlight the richness of our land: the Sicilian crop varieties that produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil born between the mountains and the sea of Siracusa.

We want to show our customers each step of our work. Our olive oil is produced exclusively with olives of our area, carefully cultivated and harvested at an early stage of ripening, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards. Only healthy olives that are freshly harvested, are milled within 12 hours. The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks, under nitrogen until ready for packaging.

Our mission

We are inspired by an ambitious project: to specialize in niche productions and serve the Sicilian culture of quality food. Which first of all is something to be shared.

our numbers

The agriculture lets us breath everyday as it can help to get fresh, good and clean air. The environment sustainabilty comes from the social responsibility of each farm, first of all those farms investing all kind of resources to let their land grow in the future. As part of our mission, we dedicate our commitment and our whole time to olive and lemon trees, that have been growing with us.
5.000 olive trees, comprising ancient and specialized olive trees as well as new plantings in progress. 10.000 lemon trees with the PGI certification in an area known as the major Italian producer of lemons.

something about our bottle

It is an invitation to come and visit our country, to share with us the scents and the years of experience in the agricultural field. We are proud to live in a land that is always welcoming, rich in color and culture. Our favola extra virgin olive oil talks of it: a pinch of our history and the story of our culinary culture, a product harvested and sealed by hand. favola Tonda Iblea has been awarded with a Gold Medal at the International Packaging Competition held at Vinitaly 2015. It was mentioned as the best olive oil with a ‘Gran Menzione’ at SOL D’ORO 2015, Verona, and it was also among finalist best olive oils at OLIO Capitale 2015. favola Moresca was awarded with a Gold Medal at Domina International Olive Oil Competition 2016.

label favola

All the labels are featured with a few iconic symbols to tell our customers and guests something about our history and Sicilian traditional natural landscape. The traditional crockery of Sicily are an invitation to our table, to share our specialties and tastes with us. You will find the flowers of bouganvillae and cactus, as icons of Sicilian traditional natural landscape, as well as – among the others – the wheel of an old barrow, the little flower of the olive oil trees, some sea waves and some typical majolicas. ‘favola’ means fairytale, it is a pinch of our history and the story of our culinary culture. It tells about roots of agriculture in Sicily, where farmers and workers used to spend all the day at the farm having lunch and dinner together and telling each other their ‘CUNTI’, a storytelling to entertain their tablemates.

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