Favola Olive Oil Tour

Find out how our olives become a fairytale. A Sicilian fairytale.

Are you searching for a olive oil tour in Sicily? We invite you to book a visit at our mill to experience one of the following activities and immerse yourself in the discovery of Sicilian flavors and culture: in the Sicilian olive oil tourism we offer you our gastronomic tour in the Syracuse area.

The tour is divided into:

visit to the oil mill

During the guided tour we will closely illustrate the techniques and stages of extra virgin olive oil production and share small samples of our food and wine culture and local agriculture. We will take a walk among the olive groves to appreciate the wisdom and size of our olive trees that, from an early olive harvesting to a careful cold pressing technique, allow us to produce a precious oil in a “fairytale” territory.


The tasting of our “favola” extra virgin olive oil, together with homemade bread, will make you discover how the sweet and evocative name of “favola” tells of a widespread rural identity in Sicily, where you can appreciate specialties and delights like  favola . Follow us in this olive oil tour: we will find out why high quality oil has the scent of life seasoned with a little of bitterness and spiciness.

Not just olives ... Lemon Tour

We propose you another option of gastronomic tour aimed at discovering one of the excellences of the Syracuse area: the femminello GPI lemon of Syracuse. Follow us in one of our lemon groves: you will breathe the lemon flowers’ sweet smell, you will caress these trees’ leaves and you will pick yourselves the lemons from the branches, tasting their unique aroma.


Upon request, we organize days dedicated to school students during which, together with their teachers, they can undertake for a few hours an olive oil tour aimed at discovering the extravirgin world in our mill. Why participating? Children will be able to find out the olive oil tourism meaning attending the explanation of the oil production techniques to learn how local excellence is born.

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