Lost in Sicily?

Our farm is totally immersed in the heart of Siracusa countryside. Lemon and olive trees extend in this rural area of southeast Sicily, but they constitute only a part of the beauty of our land. Within only a few kilometers, three UNESCO sites can be reached: Siracusa, Noto and Pantalica.

SIRACUSA, defined by Cicerone as “the biggest Greek town and the most beautiful of them all”, is the perfect mix of Greek, Roman and Baroque artistic style, an unique testimony of the development of the Mediterranean society in the last 3 millenniums.

Here you can find the Neapolis Archeological Park, the real ancient Greek town centre, which developed itself around the Greek Theatre, internationally known for the classical performances. Moving on, you can find the Roman Amphitheatre and the Ear of Dionysius, an artificial cave in which sounds, thanks to its ear-like shape, are amplified up to 16 times. According to the legend, Dionisio, the tyran of Siracusa used this cave as a prison in order to hear his enemies’  words amplified by the particular echo.

Going south, you can find the Ortygia Island, linked to the main land through two bridges. The great Duomo stands out in the heart of the island. It is a majestic Baroque Cathedral built on the leftovers of Athena temple, the Greek goddess who is told to be the creator of the olive tree.

Wandering round the streets of Ortygia and their incomparable architectonical beauty, you will find the papyri of Fonte Aretusa and you will be impressed by the majesty of Castello di Maniace. That will be the best way to fully immerse yourselves in the spirit of the city.

Going farther south, a few chilometers from Siracusa, you will find NOTO. It is considered the real capital of Baroque. Through the Porta Reale, a triumph arch of XIX century, you will arrive to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street that crosses the historical centre of the town.

About 100 meters from Porta Reale, you will reach Chiesa di S. Chiara, whose interiors are considered one of the greatest example of the Baroque style in Sicily. There you will also enjoy a breath-taking view from the panoramic terrace of the near ex convent of Clarisse.

You can’t miss a visit to the Basilica di San Nicolò and to Palazzo Nicolaci, a palace of noble origins from which originates the homonymous street, where every year the Infiorata takes place. This event represents a greeting to the spring, during which several artists decor the whole street using flower petals.

For all those who love nature, there are plenty of places where to go. However, considering its nearness to our farm and its hystorical value, we fully reccomend the necropolis of PANTALICA, an Oriented Natural Reserve that represents one of the most ancient testimony of funeral architecture by rupestrians. A combination of ancient settlements and of marvels of the Sicilian nature. Here the rocks delimit a real canyon with their spectacular overhanging rocks, among which 5000 graves are hidden. The torrents have dug a gorge and have created natural swimming pools and spots of hydiliac beauty, too.

It is impossible to finish the holidays in Sicily and have not tasted its food and wine specialties. This is the reason why we invite you to visit our farm and be overwhelmed by our “favola”, the extra-virgin olive oil made by us, an incomparable element of the Mediterranean diet. Don’t miss the occasion of living an experience in the spirit of quality and taste.

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