Siracusa Lemons: What a cool citrus!
Limone Femminello di Siracusa - Agricola Oliva

Siracusa Lemons: What a cool citrus!

Siracusa lemons, along with olives, sea and sun, are one of the first marvellous things that come to your mind when you think of Sicily.

Today, you can purchase several varieties. One of them, the most widespread in Siracusa and also in our farm, is called Femminello: a curious name reffering to the great fertility of the plant, wich blossoms several times during the year, and that gives us a fruit with an unmistakable taste, that has obtained also the PGI certification.

Femminello lemons of Siracusa are considered one of the most valuable in Italy, because of their organoleptic properties. They stand out because of their intense aroma and their richness in juice (30% of juice more than other lemons) and their few seeds. Their skin is generally of an intense yellow, thin, silk and omogenous. A mix that makes them perfect for cooking a great number of recipes.

Femminello lemons of Siracusa are appreciated not only by the lovers of tasty cuisine, but they are also sought after by perfume and cosmetic maisons: Hermes, Dior and Chanel choose the fruits when they are still green, because in this precocious phase lemons are richer in their chemical composition and so offer high-quality essential oils. In addition to that, green lemons that are still not yellow are more interesting by a sensorial point of view: in fact, their aroma is more intense.

Femminello lemon is green also during its third blossoming in mid-August and October, and because of this colour it is also called Verdello.

However, consumers are used to yellow lemons and because of it, green lemons can be treated chemically to make their colour change. The green-removal process (or steaming) makes lemons yellow, after being subdued to a costant-30° temperature in an enviroment full of water steam and of ethylene gas.

Green-removed lemons, however, are not as good as the naturally yellow ones: they could have lost a lot of their aroma and become mouldly faster.

Citrus limon is very well estimated also by medicine because it gives a lot of benefits to our health: rich in vitamin C and citric acid, it contributes to the right functioning of our body and it is also a great antioxydant and anti-inflammatory. Lemons are even the key-elements of a clinic research whose aim is that of showing the efficacy of their juice in the prevention of kindney stones (source:

In the end, we can say, without any margin of error, that lemons are little fruits just by size, because they hide an incredible potential to be discovered. Some of their benefits are listed here:

  • They are available all the year thanks to their numerous blossomings.
  • Ideal to season a great number of dishes giving them a surplus of taste and aroma.
  • They are rich in nutritional elements that provide a lot of benefits to our health.
  • They are friends of our beauty.
  • In addition to all this, if preserved with salt, they can maintain their own taste and freshness for a long time in a natural way: so you won’t use pre-packed juice and will contribuite to reduce the use of plastic.

Definitely, this is a product you can’t miss at your place! Run and buy it!

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