Which favola are you?

Which favola are you?

Our olive oil is called favola, because it wants to tell about Sicily, its perfumes, its fragrances and its hosting art: our land and its different varieties of olives – more than 30 cultivars just in our land – give us the possibility of offering to our customers different kinds of extra virgin olive oil to satisfy their different tastes, but, above all, to enhance the taste of the dishes they cook and the different pairings.

But how to choose the oil? Is it just a matter of personal taste?

First of all, if you want to choose a product of quality, it is important to follow some reccomendations to recognize if an oil is truly “good” or not. We can give you two tips. Simple, easy to remember, but very very important.

The first one, and the most intuitive of them all, is about the oil perfume: a good extra virgin olive oil is an oil that has the so-called “fruity” aroma, that is a perfume that reminds of olives, as it was a juice.

The second one, on the other hand, is that of reading the label, that has to be clear and readable. Be sure of the presence of the word “extravirgin”: olive oil (that is not extravirgin) comes from a mix of oils and oils from several origins. If you find also the PGI or PDO designation, that’s even better: in this case, the producer puts on the market only highly-controlled products and, because of it, of guaranteed quality. The referral to the cold extraction ensures that the antioxidants and the polyunsatured fats are not gone lost because of high temperatures. It is simple to understand why a good extravirgin olive oil has to have a particular range of price that can’t be lower than the production cost. And if you have any kind of doubts, call the producer: the best choice is that of going to the mill and taste!

At this point, if you have checked the label and have tested the scent and you are sure of the quality of the product you have bought, you can spend your time researching the oil that satisfies your palate the most and that pairs to your dishes in the best way.

In this moment, there a lot of suggestions online. It is not easy to choose among them all! We can give you some indications to better choose among the monocultivar oils of our production that are in our eshop:

  • favola Tonda Iblea that has a perfum of leaf of green tomato and that we suggest for vegetables, salads or seasonal legumes:
  • or favola Moresca, with a softer taste and aroma, that pairs perfectly to raw food or to second dishes of meat or fish;
  • or favola Opunzia, mainly made with Nocellara, that, with its aromatic notes and its intense taste, enriches meat dishes and grilled vegetables.

For a proper storage, it is important to follow the label claims, keeping the product in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources. We reccomend to always close the cap and to not place the bottle near to the stoves.

So… is it enough to have just one evoo for cooking? No, every dish requires its own oil. But the same oil pairs perfectly with many dishes. Be careful with the pairings!

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