Oliva family: a Name, a Business

Oliva family: a Name, a Business

The story of our farm takes its name from our family name, Oliva, since our grandfather founded the first olive oil mill in 1957 in the Southern Sicily, in the little town of Solarino.

In the South of Italy, many family names come from the nickname of some ancestor whose job was linked to the olives harvest, processing or trading. Indeed, Oliva is one of the most traditional and widespread surnames in Syracuse, the area where we actually live and work.

We select accurately olives and we harvest them by hand, to offer just the best fruits of our plants. We think the future of the supply chain of high-quality olive oil to be linked to the certificate of origin, but, above all, to the consumers’ trust towards the producer who guarantees the quality of the product.

Each olive oil could be paired with many different dishes, but not all olive oils are good for a single dish. Extra virgin olive oil can always be paired with traditional Mediterranean dishes, but whoever loves cooking should have three or four different olive oils with different flavors and tastes in the storage room.

In 2014 we renewed our headquarter, extraction plants and philosophy to bring our favola extra virgin olive oil to new channels and markets, valuing the land we belong to.

We still continue to be focused, after a lot of years, on our tradition and on offering quality products, also thanks to the people who have been working with us for long time with the same passion of the first day.

Try out all the aromas and tastes of favola.

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