Homemade mayonnaise with favola extravirgin olive oil
Francesca Oliva Olio Favola

Homemade mayonnaise with favola extravirgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the basic element of Mediterranean cuisine, used at any stage of culinary preparation: from marinating, to fried and sautéed to raw condiments. However, it is often forgotten that it is also the basis for the preparation of accompanying sauces, first of all mayonnaise.

Appreciated as an accompanying sauce for meat in noble European kitchens, an ancestor of mayonnaise was already prepared in medieval times, combining garlic, parsley and sometimes chopped hard-boiled eggs with olive oil. The recipe for modern mayonnaise that we all know is instead to be attributed to the end of the 18th century when the French conquered the island of Mahon, under English rule, and brought back a special local sauce that will take the name of mahonnaise from that moment, and will remain as a symbol of the French victory over the British.

Far from being an exotic sauce, today we can find mayonnaise on any supermarket shelf. Due to the nature of its classic ingredients, namely eggs, olive oil and lemon or vinegar, which are very delicate and perishable, large quantities of preservatives, additives and dyes are added to the mayonnaise to ensure that it can have a long shelf life.

However, making mayonnaise at home is very simple. It will take you just a few minutes and you will have the satisfaction of being able to select the best fresh ingredients, to have a good, creamy sauce and with a naturally delicate yellow colour.
We then propose the recipe for homemade mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil, a healthier and tastier substitute for seed oil.


– 2 eggs
– 100 ml extra virgin olive oil favola Moresca
– juice of half a lemon or two tablespoons of vinegar
– salt and pepper
*We recommend you to use our favola Moresca
an extra virgin olive oil delicate and with a light fruity.


The secret to not making mayonnaise go crazy is to use ingredients that all have the same temperature. So first, take care to get the eggs out of the fridge at least an hour before preparing the sauce. Proceed by breaking the eggs into a tall jug, add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well.
Add favola Moresca slowly and start blending with your hand blender, taking care to mix the ingredients well.

When the sauce has reached a good density, it’s time to add the lemon juice or vinegar. The choice of lemon rather than vinegar depends on your personal tastes. Continue until you finish all the ingredients.
If you notice that the sauce does not thicken and that the ingredients remain separate and liquid, put an egg yolk in another bowl and gradually add the mad mayonnaise to adjust its density.
If, on the other hand, the ingredients are bound, but you prefer a slightly denser consistency, you can add a little oil; on the contrary, for a more liquid mayonnaise, add more lemon or vinegar.
To properly store your homemade mayonnaise, place it in the fridge in a glass jar with the lid and consume it within 3-4 days.
You can use this sauce to garnish canapes or sandwiches for a delicious appetizer to offer to your loved ones, or for a classic evening at home in front of a good movie with sandwiches, burgers and fries. And how to forget the classic Russian salad?
You will find that your homemade mayonnaise will taste better than the one on the shelf and will enrich your preparations to the point that all your loved ones will admire you for being an expert cook and will ask you for the recipe.

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